Packaging production

Bering has great expertise in manufacturing plastic bottles and caps employing a wide range of moulding technologies.

Our production equipment supplied by leading European manufacturers ensures great operating capacity, high reliability, and stable quality of packaging products.

These advantages allow us to balance high product quality with cost-effectiveness.

Injection moulding (IM)

A traditional technology and the most common method of manufacturing plastic caps and stoppers. It allows achieving consistent dimensions, high productivity, and low production costs.

Extrusion blow moulding (EBM)

The most common method of manufacturing hollow plastic bottles that has the following advantages:

high productivity, low mould cost, consistent product quality, wide range of product shapes and dimensions.

Injection blow moulding (IBM)

An ideal technology of manufacturing hollow plastic bottles up to 200 ml in volume that combines preform injection and bottle blow moulding. It guarantees consistent quality, high productivity, zero waste, and low production costs.

Injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM)

An ideal multi-stage technology of manufacturing PET bottles that consists of preform injection, preform biaxial orientation and bottle blow moulding.

The main advantages of this technology are consistent quality, zero waste, low production costs, higher resistance to mechanical stress, and lighter bottle weight.