Our philosophy

For us, success means much more than just striving for profit. By success, we mean creating sustainable value for our Clients, our company and employees.

For the Client, the value is in gaining the advantages of their products presence on the market - all due to the superior quality of our packaging and service.

The value for employees lies in a high degree of satisfaction with their work, opportunities for personal training and career growth.

The value for our company lies in sustainable development with optimal profitability.

Company principles:

Clients and the market:

We want to actively shape the market by realizing our competencies and gaining advantages over our competitors. We want to satisfy our Clients not only by satisfying their requirements, but also by offering them new products and excellent service.

Our core competence lies in packaging design, mold making and plastic packaging production, in particular of plastic bottles with caps for various markets.

Quality and service:

The quality of services for the Client is our main priority and an important task for each employee. The quality of services in our understanding is not only the consistently high quality of our products, but also the quality of our service. We always operate in a cost-effective manner and in this way both our Clients, our company and our staff benefit from the activities of our company.

Our employees:

We view our employees as the most important element in the sustainable value chain. Well qualified, constantly trained and highly motivated employees are the source of our success - they create satisfaction for our Clients through product quality and thus ensure the further development of our company.

Company purpose:

We have a Quality Policy in place in order to fully satisfy our customers’ needs. Based on our philosophy, we are continually advancing our management principles, our marketing strategies, and operation processes in order to meet market demands and comply with our customers’ requirements.