Our philosophy

We believe that true success means much more than generating profits. To us, success is creating sustainable values for our customers, our company and its employees.

This is achieved by helping our customers to build a strong market presence with our high-quality packaging products and related services, and by ensuring our employees have job satisfaction by offering them great career and personal growth opportunities.

Our company’s main value is a combination of sustainable development and cost-effectiveness.

Our Principles:

Customers and market

We strive to play an active role in shaping the market while applying our competences and gaining advantage over competitors. We want to satisfy our customers not only by meeting their requirements, but also by offering them new products and outstanding services.

Our main strengths are product design, manufacturing of mould tools and plastic packaging, including plastic bottles with caps for various markets.

Quality and service.

The quality of services for our customers is our main priority and an important task for each employee. To us, quality means not only consistent excellence in our products, but also a high standard of customer care. We commit to being a cost-effective company allowing our customers, our company, and our employees to benefit from our work.

Employees and management

We view our employees as the most vital element in the chain of creating sustainable values. Our highly skilled, well-trained and enthusiastic employees are the source of our success. They help drive customer satisfaction through outstanding product quality, thus contributing to the company’s development.

Our Goals

We have a Quality Policy in place in order to fully satisfy our customers’ needs. Based on our philosophy, we are continually advancing our management principles, our marketing strategies, and operation processes in order to meet market demands and comply with our customers’ requirements.